Payment Terms

Emtec (Medical) UK Ltd.

Payment Terms (Under Review – Jan 2016)

This document details the terms and conditions under which Emtec (Medical) UK Ltd. operates in relation to provision of training and in working with individuals, training providers and organisations.

Where no specific arrangements are identified in this document, it is assumed that the standard Emtec (Medical) UK Ltd. terms will apply.

  1. Payment Terms
    • Fourteen (14) Days from date of the invoice.
    • Payment can be made in the following ways:
      • Payments by BACS. Use your invoice number, customer number or agreement number as your reference to enable us to link up payments to your account.

Account Name: Emtec (Medical) UK Ltd..

Sort Code: 20-25-29.

Account Number: 63042596

  • Payments by cheque: Please make cheques payable to ‘Emtec (Medical) UK Ltd’. There is no charge for paying by cheque, however an administration fee of £25.00 will be charged if the cheque does not clear the banking system or is returned without payment.
  • Payments by PingIt: We are now registered to receive payments by Barclays PingIt. Payment can be made simply by registering with PingIt and sending your payment and reference to our mobile number 07557 262467. For more details visit.
  • Payments by PayPal: We will shortly be making offering a PayPal facility –if you would prefer to pay in this way, please contact us for details
  • Emtec (Medical) UK Ltd reserves the right to withdraw any discounts, promotions and special offers in the event of late payment. Payment should be paid by the ‘Invoice Due Date’ as indicated on the invoice. Discount’s remains in place for 30 days after the ‘Invoice Due Date’, if full payment has not been paid within this time all discounts will be withdrawn and full course cost will be payable.
  • Certificates will only be released once full payment has been made, however a letter of confirmation of completion of course can be provided as an interim measure upon request.
  • Assessment papers will only be registered with the Awarding Organisation once full payment has been received.

September 2013